We offer several solutions, especially for non-profits (schools, foundations, clubs) and small entrepreneurs.

Website and e-mail

  • Domain purchase and maintenance
  • DNS setup (ie for secure e-mail)
  • Webhosting including backups
  • Design (or cooperation with external designers,since I prefer to have it working first and looking good second)
  • Maintenance of webhosting and plugins
  • Just launched: your own “Registreer- en Betaal”-pagina, for memberships, event registrations or one-time product orders.

IT configuration

  • internet & wifi (prosumer hardware often suffices)
  • devicemanagement (free or cheap and easy managing your devices remotely)
  • usermanagement (based on Microsoft365 or Google Workspace as Single Sign On)

Wist je dat Microsoft365 en Google Workspace vaak gratis zijn voor non-profit organisaties?

  • office (Office365, Google Apps, Star Office or Open Office) to create documents, tables, lists and presentations
  • leerlingvolgsystemen (ParnasSys, MRX, Flexkids, …)
  • applications (mostly custom packages that are standard within the branch)
  • accompanying connections (for instance having you only need one account, but also that automatically transfers emails into lists and graphs)

Startup management

  • Coaching of teams
  • Opzet van Lean Startup en Data Driven Decisions
  • Focus on adding value and joined priorities
  • Get out of the building!

DigiXP Lessons in Digital Skills and Digital Experiences

  • Handling computers and accessories responsibly (adapter, mouse, headset)
  • Learning to type
  • Automation / Learning to code (live coding, robot with direction buttons, Scratch/Blockly lessons, robotball or drone.
  • Digital creation (making a podcast or video, working on a document/presentation/building project together)
  • Media wisdom (responsible behavior online)

Questions? Simply ask using WhatsApp.